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Documentation Carpet Lifts Funstart and FunspeedCARPET LIFTS FUNSTART & FUNSPEED

The Funbelt brand bears witness to the experience and rigour born of the satisfaction of the most stringent demands.

Advanced engineering developed in an industrial context is deployed in the service of the leisure or recreational transport sector, with the same attention to safety and performance.

Funbelt aims to satisfy all your requirements, with scope for adaptation to any constraints arising.
Product design and ergonomics are conceived with you in mind, and with your input, in order to design carpet lifts which are perfectly adapted to their environment, in terms of both appearance and practicality. Robustness and reliability are core factors in the design process, delivering durable products which are easy to maintain.

Documentation conveyor belt Move UPConveyor belt MOVE UP

A key component of the system, the composition of which varies according to length, gradient or the climatic conditions to which it will be exposed.
The belt must be comfortable for users, and provide an optimum grip, but must also be extremely resistant to abrasion and cold.
Its design is therefore subject to highly detailed analyses, according to the context of application. The recent development of spare belts of Kevlar fibre construction promises to revolutionize the design of mountain station carpet lifts. The strain coefficient of this material is close to that of steel, thereby allowing the strength (and consequently the length) of belts to be enhanced, with substantially reduced maintenance costs. FUNBELT employs a full range of conveyors belts, from the simplest to the most elaborate, which can be adapted to any type of project.

Documentation galerie FunvisioGallery FUNVISIO

The gallery is designed to “enclose” and protect the carpet lift against adverse weather, in the interests of optimum user comfort and ultra-simple operation. The gallery can be produced to a wide variety of inventive designs, according to your requirements. By the use of shapes, colours, glazed openings, lightings, lateral exits, etc., the design office can come up with a multitude of designs, creating a fully-customized gallery, which can even be harmonized with local materials and traditions.

Some of our options

The carpet lift may be embellished with accessories for the assistance of users, such as motorized handrails, automatic snow-clearing brushes, or lateral edge strips with LEDs for the provision of perceptible visual markers (which can used to signal the shutdown or operation of the belt). A throughput control system can also be used to regulate the flow of passengers, while the “stop and go” function allows the operation of the belt only when users are present, thereby limiting energy consumption.

Examples of application