Luz Ardiden (65) – FRANCE

  • Albiez Montrond
  • Albiez Montrond

Luz-Ardiden is a Pyrenee ski resort located in Luz-Saint-Sauveur town, in Hautes-Pyrenees region, in Midi-Pyrenees. Rising to 5577-8202 ft, it now covers an area of 110 acres and offers 37.28 miles of slopes for all levels with the most modern amenities.

The beginners area was improved, a carpet lift has been installed and equipped by a reception chalet, with an office to enjoy a sheltered work area.


  • Location
    Luz Ardiden (65) – FRANCE
  • Objective
    Beginners space Improvement
  • Type of carpet
    1 FUNSPEED carpet lift– simple way – equipped by a reception chalet with office
  • Length
    347.76 ft
  • Width
    2.62 ft
  • Speed
    3.93 ft/s
  • Elevation
  • Drive system
  • Capacity
    2000 persons /h
  • Exit(s)
    Front and Side