September 2019

We will be present at the Annual conventionski resorts in France
from September 29 to October 2 in Besançon


September 2019

The first covered carpet lift to Quebec Canada will be inaugurate in Ski Montclam resort for the 2019-2020 season. A Funbelt carpet lift of 50 meters in order to develop the ski learning area.


May 2019

We will be present at the Annual convention of Quebec ski resorts May 28 to 30 in Quebec City, Canada



May 2019

We will be present at the INTERALPIN show from 8th to 10th may at Innsbrück in Austria



April 2019

We will be present at the ALPIPRO event - 25-26 april at SavoiExpo Chambéry (France)



January 2019

A FUNBELT carpet lift for a fashion show

In the scenography of the fashion show, the podium gives way to a Funbelt carpet lift of 76 meters length. Under a cluster of sculptural lights, the mannequins scroll completely static on the carpet lift drawing like an infinite line of flight.


November 2018

A Funvisio gallery to cover an escalator

A Funvisio protective gallery has been installed on an escalator in Valmeinier resort in order to protect the installation from the element. Appropriate protection that ensures less maintenance and durability of the escalator.



April 2018


Mountain Planet


Decembre 2017

A third double carpet: the carpet of the Angel in the resort of La Plagne

The 3rd double carpet in France, the 3rd FUNBELT double carpet was installed in the resort La Plagne. 191 m long, they carry up to 3000 people per hour.

La Plagne


April 2017

FUNBELT by FICAP will be at the INTERALPIN and ALPIPRO events






January 2017

The range of Funbelt carpet lifts is wider!


After the extra large panoramic protective gallery with a elliptic shape, after the longest outdoor carpet lift in Europe, Funbelt carpet lifts expand their traffic ways!

At Cauterets ski resort, a new carpet lift has been installed with a 1200 mm width conveyor belt. This new carpet lift allows to users to travel 2 persons twice, side by side.

To offer always more users’comfort, the range is now composed of 3 widths of conveyor belts!


July 2016

Fisrt installation of Funbelt carpet lifts indoor


To ski the summer in Saudi Arabia, with temperatures which border 45°C in summer, it is now possible!

2 Funbelt carpet lifts allows the people of Riyadh to take advantage of a new snowpark.



April 2016

FUNBELT by FICAP participated in the MOUNTAIN PLANET Show at Grenoble

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April 2015

FUNBELT by FICAP participated in the INTERALPIN and ALPIPRO events





FUNBELT – A red carpet for the men and women in red, an innovation by FICAP MONTAGNE!

This year FICAP MONTAGNE innovates once again by unrolling the red carpet for the men and women that sprinkle the slopes with their red sweater uniforms! This season, the French Ski School (ESF) in Arc 2000 has chosen a FUNBELT® carpet lift to modernise its learning area. It's an unusual carpet lift that incarnates the red sweater spirit by having a conveyor belt that is 100% red! FICAP MONTAGNE encourages originality and makes it possible for each installation to be different and adapted to the personality of the ski school or of the resort.

A stylish elliptical protective gallery protects the youngest learners from bad weather, making sure that skiing remains an intact pleasure and offering optimal comfort for the very young. Discreet and elegant, this aluminium panoramic gallery offers children splendid views. For extra visual effect, the carpet reflects its colour all over the gallery!

Just like the carpet lift, all our galleries are customizable (colour of the frames, wood base, RVB LED lighting, visual communication on the windows, etc.) to best promote schools. FICAP MONTAGNE's research department staff call on their expertise to offer 100% customizable ski lifts.

FUNBELT® carpet lifts aim at conveying the mountain spirit and offering safe and effortless rides towards happy skiing!


This is the second season for the first FUNLOAD positioning carpet by FICAP


Watch the video of the Jeux Télémix®in Alpe d'Huez built by POMA, with its FUNLOAD positioning carpet built by FICAP!






October 2014

FUNBELT by FICAP participated in the SKI BUILD EXPO at Moscou (Russia)


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The FUNBELT carpet lift travels by helicopter to the top of the CAUTERETS!


This has to be the longest outside carpet lift ever installed in the middle of the mountains!

This 367 m long carpet lift covered by a protective gallery had to be airlifted by helicopter!

Follow its construction on Google+








FUNBELT: construction of 2 carpet lifts for the Les Saisies resort is underway


The 2014/2015 season sees the Les Saisies resort reorganising its foot of the slopes entirely, by setting up 2 FUNBELT carpet lifts replacing the Boëtet surface lift and the Chardons chairlift. These two new ski lifts are protected by FUNVISO elliptical galleries and together measure more than 300 metres long.

For skier's easy access to the ski slopes, ski school and shops, a 24 metre bridge carries the carpet lift over skiers heads.

Follow its construction on Google+






FUNBELT carries top models to the podium!

At the end of June, a famous fashion designer chose a FUNBELT carpet lift for his men's fashion show in Paris.
The carpet lift, set backstage, carried all the top models to the podium. An astounding effect, the models seemed to glide along the ground!

April 2013

FUNBELT by FICAP participated in the MOUNTAIN PLANET Show at Grenoble

Funbelt by Ficap était présent au Salon Mountain planet du 23 au 25 Avril 2014 à grenoble

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FUNBELT® – 2013, the year of mounting success

A year synonymous with innovations for the brand FUNBELT® !

In the matter of design, FUNBELT® unveils its new elliptical gallery FUNVISIO®. A true architectural structure, the gallery enhances the ski resort in offering the possibility to take full advantage of the exceptional surroundings of the mountain landscape. The elliptical shape made entirely of aluminum and polycarbonate crystal, gives the users abundant space and excellent protection against extreme weather. The Super Lioran ski resort, the first ski resort in the Massif Central region to be equipped with the magic carpet, has already reaped the benefits from the panoramic view of this new gallery design !

On the technical side, FICAP MONTAGNE has proven its competence with the design of the loading conveyor for chairlift, FUNLOAD® for POMA, on the Telemix® des Jeux, on the slopes of the Alpe d'Huez resort...

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The FUNSPEED® carpet lift : a multi-purpose ski lift

The FUNBELT® brand provides a comprehensive range of customised multi-purpose carpet lifts for passenger transport.

Ideal for skiers and very useful for snowboarders, these carpet lifts can also be used by pedestrians—whether they are carrying luggage or not. The carpet lift makes it a lot easier for golfers on the Haut-Poitou golf course to return to the club house. Summer mountain resorts use the carpets to transport passengers to tubing runs and also for getting mountain bikes and scooters up the hill with considerably less effort.

An engineering department studies the requirements and constraints of the installation to make it adaptable to your specific field :
- Ski lifts in ski stations (foot of the slopes, access to ski slopes higher up in the resort, etc.)
- Internal resort links
- Helping the youngest to learn to ski
- Installation of a toboggan run
- Summer mountain activities (off-road mountain scooter, tubing, etc.)
- Assistance for golfer mobility, etc.
- Various events (entertainment, theatre, TV, etc.)

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October 2013

FUNBELT by FICAP participated in the SKI BUILD EXPO at Moscou (Russia)


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The new FUNVISIO® gallery seizes the mountains

After a technical innovation located in the heart of the 3 valleys, FICAP MONTAGNE has just developed for this season a new elliptical gallery, translucent in the landscape.
The expertise and technicality that FICAP MOUNTAIN implemented in Val Thorens is now recognized as a performance, carrying nearly one million skiers per season !
Always close to the ground realities and to the needs of their customers, FUNBELT® brand has conceived a design gallery, which responds to the desire of airy feel and offers a privileged space to users.
To fully enjoy the mountains, the FUNVISIO® ALU 300 L gallery, arises as a crystal protective bubble, providing a real sensation of freedom !

To discover very soon…. in the heart of Savoie.

Eco-attitude : FICAP MOUNTAIN supports sustainable mountain development

Aware of the environmental impact of mountain tourism, FICAP MOUNTAIN supports MOUNTAIN RIDERS association in its actions enhancing sustainable development in the mountain’s heart. Support this great association, is a way to mobilize 20 million stakeholders around responsible tourism considerations, through practical and sustainable actions.

Very concerned about sustainable development for several years, FICAP MOUNTAIN also influences its products design and manufacture.

Eco-design : instructions are given to engineers to design conveyor walkways and gallery enclosure, with a lifetime as long as possible, to minimize wear parts. They also need to design products with low energy consumption.

An eco- making : a large part of the manufacturing is done in headquarters to reduce transportation, 100% of conveyors walkways and gallery enclosure materials are recyclable or recoverable, the supply of concrete remains local , organic lubricants are used on the engine, and active management of production waste sorting, chains of reprocessing and recycling of materials, ensures zero impact on the environment.

In an effort to preserve nature while ensuring the sustainability of mountain tourism, FICAP MOUNTAIN is always looking for new eco-friendly solutions !

The alliance of FICAP MONTAGNE and GLOBE 3T a complete leisure sport !

Recently, a new sport has caught on in the mountains : the all terrain scooter.

Fun and inexpensive, the all terrain scooter responds perfectly to the need for novelty and diversification of the summer activities in the mountains. A robust, reliable and fun vehicle, it is attractive both to the contemplative nature lovers and to the highly experienced thrill seekers.

FICAP MONTAGNE has allied with the company GLOBE 3T, whose specialty is the design and manufacture of all terrain downhill scooters. This partnership provides to the resorts and parks, wishing to propose new sensations to vacationers: a complete package of mounting to the descent !

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April 2013

FUNBELT by FICAP participated in the ALPIPRO Show at Chambéry in France.

The show of the actors of the arrangement in mountain.

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April 2013

FUNBELT by FICAP participated in the INTERALPIN show at Innsbrunck in Austria.

The main show of the mountain arrangement.

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FUNBELT goes to all-terrain mode

Specialized in carpet lifts for skiers, and dedicated to moving people more generally, FICAP Montagne wants to diversify and complement its FUNBELT range by partnering with Globe 3T, specialized in all-terrain scooter...

From April 25-27th, Ficap participated at Salon for sustainable development of the mountain 2012, bi-annual event organized by Alpexpo, Grenoble.

This has given the company the opportunity to showcase the conveyor walkway FUNBELT® dedicated to the transportation of persons, particulary skiers: conveyor belts, modular galleries and other accessories.

The latest news :

Stand Funbelt au salon de l'Aménagement durable de la montagne 2012The range of conveyor belts MOVE UP®, customizable depending on the configuration of your installation: composition, color, grip
- An exclusive customized service in their projects with customized financial options: rental with option to purchase, long term rental ...

After a technical innovation installed in the heart of the 3 valleys, FICAP MONTAGNE has just developed for this season a new gallery elliptical gallery, translucent in the landscape.

The expertise and technique that FICAP MONTAGNE has established at Val Thorens is recognized today as an achievement, transporting nearly a million skiers per season!

Always as close to the theme and to the needs of their clients, the brand FUNBELT® has conceived a gallery design, which responds to the envy of translucence and offers a privileged space to users.

To miss nothing in the mountains, the gallery FUNVISIO® ALU 300 L arises as a bubble of crystal protection, providing a real sensation of freedom!

A must see very shortly in the heart of Savoie…