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In mountain stations

Ski stations represent the main dedicated application for FUNBELT carpet lifts, where they provide a convenient and cost-effective solution for the replacement of mechanical lifts.

FOCUS on mountains

FUNBELT projects include the installation of a high-speed twin carpet lifts, with protective gallery, in Val Thorens, as a replacement for two ski-lifts.
This unprecedented project has completed revolutionized the transport of persons in a mountain environment.
The Funspeed 1200 has two carpet lifts lines, 225 metres in length, and rises to the challenge of a gradient exceeding 22%. Each season, nearly one million passengers use this facility, which delivers a performance ensuring total satisfaction.

Funbelt has also completed a number of installations in the Savoy region, the Pyrenees, etc., in response to the requirements of local authorities and ski schools for the development and redevelopment of sites, etc.

The latest record: a 367 m long carpet lift at Cirque du Lys in Cauterets!

The latest innovation: the second double carpet lift at the Tête de Solaise in Val d'Isère!

Funbelt carpet lifts also lend themselves to the game of events, during fashion shows, large specialized public fairs, various inaugurations ... More information> Events

Find out more about these installations :

For leisure activities of all kinds

The leisure sector offers a multitude of applications: carpet lifts may be installed on golf courses, on stages, for fashion shows or theatrical presentations. FUNBELT is adaptable to all requirements, and responds to these requirements with the same commitment to integrity. The 30 years of experience acquired by FICAP foster unlimited creativity.
Example : Haut-Poitou golf club

For intra-station links

FICAP has developed carpet lifts for high-speed intra-urban transit services which, by carrying users from one point to another, provide support for stations in their management of sustainable development and discouragement of the use of private cars, whilst maintaining irrigation functions for the station and its businesses. The carpet lifts is the means of transport which offers the best carbon balance and the lowest cost per user transported.

Belts are designed for transport in bi-directional operation, with twin motorization and tensioning systems: this permits the significant optimization of passenger flows, both horizontally (on paths and roadways) and vertically (in lifts).

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